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  I have been struggling in relative obscurity for about ten years now, producing mostly large scale sculptures from wood, metal, bone, etc. of a dark and erotic nature, the aesthetic is derivative of “primitive torture devices.”

  I employ chainsaws and blowtorches to carve and burn massive pieces of wood, welders to frame and reinforce with found-metal and incorporate the bones of found carcasses, in addition to leather and rope.

  I also produce short films and photography of the performance rituals and recently, paintings.  

 While I still do sculpture my attention has been almost completely absorbed with painting, which marks a new direction for me, and I am frantic to see these works created.

  In my painting I employ classical techniques and combine several different traditional and non-traditional mediums (oil, acrylic, polyurethane, tar, tattoo ink, blood, semen, etc.) to produce works centering on an examination of the female nude, making use of bizarre lighting and psychological, erotic tension.




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