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Artist's Statement:

Revised Artist’s statement:


“For me, the overwhelming compulsion to make art derives from my obsession with the beauty of the female form and the perverse inclination to subjugate her flesh. Through the examination of my subjective desires I express what this reveals about the nature of man.

The “primitive torture device” series of sculptures consist of actual, working, deadly torture devices created with wood, steel, bone, and found hardware and each is built around the contorted form of a bound woman.
In my paintings only those moments of ecstasy when sex and death congeal are depicted. The figure finds herself helplessly bound within a nightscape ripe with the sexual stimulation only fear and pain can provide.

All of my work is an exhibition of what I have found to be true of the darkest aspects of human nature by unflinchingly examining the iniquity that lies within man, and then to sublimate this very impulse into an artifact of fascination and wicked beauty.
My creative process is one of creation from destruction, serenity found within chaos, enlightenment and madness.
It is my conviction that through the illumination of Art revelation can be shed upon the darkness within man’s soul.”


-Killian Skarr



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