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Thee Keep-still

Thee Keep-still

Thee Keep-still no.1
Wood, Found Hardware, Leather
  • Details

    1. Thee Keep-still no.1
    2. Bishops arc
    3. Thee iniquity splitter
    4. Old stretch
    5. Hooke’s extender

    This is an authentic replication of a “Keep-still”, also known as (see above), or a spring loaded spreader bar used through out the witch craze of mediaeval Europe whenever the necessity arose to apply torture in the field. It was folded to accommodate transportation and upon it’s utility being required, opened and deployed for binding witches and heretics at the ankles and wrists. The spring mechanism also enabled greater force to be applied in spreading the legs of reluctant and stubborn victims. Thus when the inquisitors entourage was ever to be seen carrying the device through the towns a substantial number of onlookers tended to accumulate outside the unfortunate defendants residence to hear the screams involved as truth was extracted.

    “Great moral fortitude is required to resist the many temptations of the devils and succubuses that assail one in the midst of inquiry. It is only by the grace of God that my hand does not stray from the divine task of searching the succulent, ripe, young flesh of these naked voluptuous seductresses… And search I do! For the devil always marks his witches and I have found that when the witch is peculiarly young and soft and arousing, with that pale soft skin of their comely round breasts, to the downy hair that covers their fertile enticing womb, it is then that the devil hides his mark very well. And so the search must be carried out with extreme care to detail, passing over not even the smallest patch of flesh, and neglecting no orifice, no matter how sweet and tight… Thus the Keep-still lends it’s utility to the probing of witches with the red hot pokers of God’s benevolence…”
    Otto Burnem – Assistant to the Arch-bishop of Misogyomania
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